Dog Pet Winter Anti-slip Shoe

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Dog Pet Winter Anti-slip Shoe 


2 Pairs S/M/L/XL Cotton Soft Leather Cashmere Water proof Warm Booties Boots with Belt Decoration

Warm, Anti-slip ,Comfortable and Durable,Fashion Fabulous Soft Pets Shoes Boots. 

Prevent pet's feet from getting dirty or harm, also protect your furniture. 

Great for any occasion. 

Type: Dogs
Material: Leather
Pattern: : Belt Decoration
Style: : High/Mid/Low Boots (3in1)
Material: : Leather Cashmere
Color: : Brown, Black
Size: S/M/L/XL
S: 3.7*2.8 cm
M: 4*3 cm
L: 4.5*3.4 cm
XL: 5*3.8 cm