2-Port SATA Splitter Power Cable (2 x 15-Pin)

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2-Port SATA Splitter Power Cable (2 x 15-Pin)

Converts one 4-pin plug into 2 SATA 15-pin

Use this to adapt older power supply units for use with new SATA devices

Simple to install

Upgrades your PC for faster SATA hard drives/optical drives

2-Port SATA Splitter Power Cable 2 x 15-Pin

SATA is a faster new standard in computer bus technology 

(the bus refers to parts of the system that transfer data). 

So while you may want a SATA hard drive or optical drive, many PCs on the market still 

have power supplies that do not conain any or enough power cables to support SATA devices 

(they use a different kind of power plug than the older devices). 

You can easily add this cable adapter to your one of your computer's Molex connectors and 

be able to provide power for up to 2 SATA drives.

Type: Power Cable